Elli Zaar


It is my honour and great joy to invite you to this Divine Space.

 I am now offering my services to you for cleaning and cleansing your energetic space in your home and in your life.

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Cleaning your own Sacred Space

It is so important to have a clean and safe space in your home. This is your starting point for your whole life. If we store a lot of things, both physical and energetical, it becomes very hard for us to get the energies flow in and around us. We feel tired, have low life force and feel that life is boring.

It can also be very hard for us to get project and money flowing. When we cleanse out the old and stagnant energies all the new can come into our lives. It is beautiful to invite your helpers and guides to hold the space in your home, so you can rest. Also to work with crystals, that are very effective for setting, holding and cleaning space.


My Services

There are two different ways that we can do this work, 

depending on what you need and what is the highest good for you and your space. Both of course within the Divine Space, in co-creation with All. 


On a Distance

We work on a distance together


For working on distance: 222€

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In Person

We meet in person and do this cleansing


For woking in person:



Physical Clearing

Physical clearing before the

energetic cleansing is essential


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How we work together

I work with the space together with all the helpers and guides and together we open to create a field of love and light. I, together with you, call in and set the space that will hold us during the work. We look and feel into what you need to let go of, burn, give away or what ever it is that comes that you need to let go of for the new energies and light to come into your home and your life.

This can be a very deep and beautiful process, if you choose it. We start with a first meeting, in person or on zoom, to see and feel into what you need and how I can be of service to you and your space. After that we will open the space together and set the energy field that will hold the space during the work. Before we can do any big energetic cleansing you have to do a physical cleaning.


We will go over this together, what needs to go and what changes you need to make. When you are done with that, we meet again and do the energetic cleansing and set the space that will hold you and your home. We work with crystals that have called, and with helpers. We create an altar that will hold the new energies in your home and in your life. 


About Elli

A priestess who is part of the Northern Light Tribe. She is known for her great ability to feel energies, spaces and to help clean and cleanse them. She comes with the frequency of the Elohim, and work together with the Elohim Council and many others. Her closest guide and helper is Mary Magdalene, who is really showing Elli her journey into deeper embodiment.

She is in training and walking the Path of the Priestess - the Cosmic Rose journey right now together with other sisters and her teacher.

One of her missions in this life is to assist the new children. To help them come in to this world with a soulful start, and to help the parents really come in tune with their mission to receive a new soul. She is here to be a support and hold a safe, loving space during the pregnancy and also during the birth, as a doula.


She is on her own journey in to an soulembodiment, and to completely step in to her souls path and walk/live her mission here on earth. Her deep longing is her sacred devotion to beloved mother father God. To walk with God in every breath and to embody herself as a woman and mother. Her own healing work has led her to be ready now to deepen into service.

What Others Say

"Elli and her work has indeed been a miracle in my life. Both in my personal realm and in my spiritual path. I can finally call my home my own. A place for rest, love and spiritual refilling. I can sleep restfully at last!

Beside the work itself, Elli was there for me thrue out the entire process. Assisting me in keeping focus on the work itself with the space, as new things kept arising thrue out my emotional process that followed with the work."

"To me is Elli not only a skilled energyworker. She is someone who leads the way thrue her devotion of being in service. Simultaniously dedicated to doing her own inner work. All with the intent of being able to carry out her work in pure love and truth.

I can hardly compare my life before and after the cleansing work. Adding to it that we set the 'final space' together. Where I was part of and cocreated with what energies that were to be called in. I now finally have a spiritual space and loving energies in my everyday life. A place where I can come home to myself" - Anders


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Thank you!



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